Program Mission

The overall goal of the youth services program is for students ages 16-24 to obtain a diploma or equivalency. Comprehensive wraparound counseling services using a case-management model are employed to address the many needs of this population.

Are there any specific requirements needed to enroll in the program?

For the high school diploma program, students must be between 16 and 21 and have approximately 10 credits from previous schools.

For the youth HiSET program, students should be between 16 and 24 and they will take a placement test in order to determine enrollment.

What sets your program apart from other Boston programs?

We provide a small and caring learning environment in which students from many different backgrounds can succeed.

Program Hours

Monday to Friday: 11 to 1, 1 to 3, and/or 3:30 to 5:30, depending on class schedule

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Contact Information

BYSN Board of Representative: Emily MacMillan

Emily MacMillan is from Rochester, New York and earned her Bachelor’s degree in political science and women’s studies from Syracuse University. She began her career in St. Louis where she taught Spanish at Roosevelt High School for two years. She then moved to Boston in order to complete her MA in sociology at Boston College. While at BC, she worked at New Mission High School in Roxbury. She completed a master’s thesis regarding the perceptions of parents in urban high schools. After completing her degree, she began working at Year Up in July 2009. She taught communications and writing courses at YU for six years. Emily joined Notre Dame Education Center in September of 2015 as the Youth Services Program Manager. In her current role, she manages the high school diploma program and the youth HiSET program.

About Notre Dame Education Center


Notre Dame Education Center is committed to providing quality education and support services in a diverse caring community that empowers adult learners to realize their full potential.