FY13 – 50% increase in Alternative Education Initiative funding.

FY14 – BPS revises weighted-student funding formula to include Alternative Education programs.

FY14 – BPS develops out-of-school time credit bearing opportunities.

FY15 – Liberty Mutual Foundation Partnership resulting in $1,000,000 direct program funding to 32 non-profit organizations focusing on youth homelessness prevention.

FY15 – Liberty Mutual Foundation Partnership resulting in $550,000 capital grant funding to Bridge Over Troubled Waters in Boston and Y2Y Youth Homeless Shelter in Cambridge.   

FY16 – Joint written recommendation to Mayor’s Office of Workforce Development with Boston Special Education Transitions (B-SET) Task Force; resulting in $15 RFQ to fund pilot training program for Network staff.

FY16 – BYSN Youth Committee structure change to BYSN Youth Council: increased youth engagement in policy advocacy and community engagement.