The 2016 Pathways to Health and Healing Conference was co-sponsored by the Boston Youth Service Network and the Youth Violence Prevention Funder Learning Collaborative (YVPFC). It brought together direct service providers and funders for professional development focused on specific skills and strategies to support youth who have been directly and indirectly impacted by violence.


  • REFRESH THE NETWORK: Equip Boston based service providers with tools to incorporate trauma-informed practices into their work and within their organizations. A specific focus was paid to support staff well-being and self care.
  • FOCUS SUPPORT: Build funder collaboration to enhance systemic improvement of service quality and delivery.

Conference Sessions Offered:

1. Transforming Trauma, Honoring Resilience, Promoting Balance: Everyday Self-Care Strategies for Youth Workers

Victor Jose Santana, Senior Training Manager, Boston Defending Childhood Initiative,

Boston Public Health Commission and Bronwen Withorn White, Training Coordinator, Family Justice Center, Division of Violence Prevention, Boston Public Health Commission

2. Calling On the Inner Child: The Power of Play in Building Health and Resilience

Jeri Robinson, Vice President of Early Childhood Initiatives, Boston Children’s Museum and Anna Housley Juster, Senior Director of Child Development & Community Engagement, Boston Children’s Museum

3. How to Become A More Effective Communicator: Understanding Breath and Movement

Molly Gilbert, Emerson College, Theatre Education Graduate Program and Kate Ventimiglia, Emerson College, Theatre Education Graduate Program

4. “What’s my role?” A Conversation about How to Support Young People involved in the Juvenile Justice System

Andrea Perry, Executive Director, YouthConnect and Laura Prescott, Director of Operations, Department of Youth Services

5. Answering the Most Difficult Call of All – Responding to the Homicide of a Young Person

Clementina “Tina” Chéry, President and CEO, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute, Courtney Grey, Director of Trauma Services at the Boston Public Health Commission, Rachel Rodrigues, Director of Programs, Louis D. Brown Peace Institute

6. Navigating Complex Systems: How to Effectively Leverage Community Resources for Young People

Jessica Castro, Director of Workforce Training at Morgan Memorial Goodwill and Sandra McCroom, President and CEO of Children’s Services of Roxbury (CSR)

7. Dealing with Conflict: How to Build a More Cooperative Culture with Young People

Laurie Jo Wallace, Director of Training and Capacity Building, Health Resources in Action, Inc. and Daisy P. Ortega, Associate Director of Training and Capacity Building, Health Resources in Action, Inc.

8. At the Intersection of Community and Health: The Community Based Health Center as a Resource and Partner in Supporting Young People

Phillomin Laptiste, Associate Director, Bowdoin Street Health Center, and Mary Kate Little, LICSW, Manager of Behavioral Health, Bowdoin Street Health Center